Courses offered

As a cross-section subject, automation engineering is aimed at students from various disciplines. In total, the chair serves 11 courses: Materials Engineering (Bachelor and Master), Business Administration and Engineering: Materials and Process Engineering (Bachelor and Master), Materials Science (Bachelor and Master), Computational Engineering Sciences (Bachelor and Master), Automation Engineering (Master), Metallurgical Engineering (Master) und Simulation Science (Master).

For the Bachelor students the chair offers the courses Dynamics of Technical Systems, Process Measurement Technology and Programming Course. The Master students can additionally attend the following courses: Process Control Engineering, Lab Process Automation, Seminar Industrial Control Engineering, Models of Control Engineering, Optimization, Control Engineering (Single Controller), Lab Control Engineering and Data Mining in the Environment of Technical Processes.

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If you are interested in one of the advertised Bachelor's or Master's theses or if you can imagine a topic in one of our fields of work, please contact the respective supervisor directly via e-mail. Please include some information about your studies (subject area, major) or your interests and previous knowledge.

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Excursions, part of the practical training

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